Lodging for HGLR Retreat

There are 2 accommodation types for the retreat.

The Bed & Breakfast style room is a 2 persons per room traditional bed & Breakfast style accommodation in the Manor house where check-in will be.

The Dormitory style room holds 4 beds to a large room with a shared common area and bathroom with 3 shared showers and toilets. These rooms are in a cute cottage with a common areas, a meeting space, and it’s own deck to hang out and enjoying the view.

What To Bring

  1. Comfortable change of clothes

    • Ex. For sleeping, to change a top after a fun yet sweaty workout, clothing for Sunday.

    • If you plan to join the Hike on Saturday be sure to pack appropriate closed-toe boots/shoes.
  2. Toiletries

    • Toothbrush, toothpaste, loofah, wash cloth, soap, deodorant, etc.

    • An all natural bug repellent might be a good idea if you plan to hike or walk the trails.
  3. Flashlight or Lantern (battery operated, Check Dollar Tree)

  4. Small handheld Mirror (optional)

  5. Journal or Notebook

  6. Snacks
    • ALL meals & refreshments are provided but it is always a good idea to pack your favorite (non-perishable) snacks to munch on or share.
  7. Yoga Mat & Blocks, Strap (If you have, if not we will have some extras)

  8. Cell Phone + Charger (having it is one thing but we encourage everyone to unplug for this short time)

  9. Dorm STYLE Rooms ONLY
    • We recommend you bring your own linen for your bed: sheet set, pillow, blanket etc. there are linen packages the center will provide for a premium of $20 a bundle. Do give us a call ASAP if you would like to reserve a linen package for yourself. (804) 621-5111
  10. You favorite travel mug or water bottle (a hot or cold container would be best) Why?

    • We want to make sure everyone stays hydrated thru-out the day, and while we will provide plenty of fresh spring water we want to avoid the production of a bazillion plastic water bottles to dispose of.
    • We will have a few Self-Serve Coffee and Tea Stations available thru-out the retreat and we want to cut back on waste here also. (There is a sink and dishwasher available in the center)
  11. Kindness, and pack some extra for your sisters!

*Pack light & compact but try to also double check this list (as we may update it) so you have everything you need for a stress free weekend!