Lodging for HGLR Retreat

There are 2 accommodation options Single of Double Occupancy Bed & Breakfast Style Rooms

The Bed & Breakfast style rooms are all traditional bed & Breakfast style accommodations in the beautiful ‘Manor House’ where check-in will be and our main hub for the weekend. They are comfy and fully furnished with linens. They are also each pretty unique and not all the same. Only the single rooms have private baths. Double rooms share bathroom based on proximity.

Located amid the picturesque horse country of historic Middleburg, Virginia – just an hour’s drive from Washington, DC and 35 minutes from Dulles International Airport – our site is near the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains and spans nearly 360 acres of rolling meadows and wood, majestic rock outcroppings and Goose Creek’s long, winding path.

What To Bring

  1. Comfortable change of clothes

    • Ex. For sleeping, to change a top, clothing for Sunday.

    • If you plan to join the Hike on Saturday be sure to pack appropriate closed-toe boots/shoes.
    • Comfort is priority for the whole weekend. 
  2. Toiletries

    • Toothbrush, toothpaste, loofah, wash cloth, soap, deodorant, etc.

    • An all natural bug repellent might be a good idea if you plan to join the hike but there are hardly any bugs because we picked the best early Fall weekend EVA!
  3. Flashlight or Lantern (battery operated, Check Dollar Tree)

  4. Small handheld Mirror (optional)

  5. Journal or Notebook

  6. Snacks
    • ALL meals & refreshments are provided but we always like to pack our favorite (non-perishable) snacks to munch on or share, but if you don’t we got you covered.
  7. Yoga Mat & Blocks, Strap (If you have, if not we will have some extras)

  8. Cell Phone, Camera + Chargers (having it is one thing but we encourage everyone to unplug for this short time). Last year we had some passion photographers that loved capturing for fun, if that is you please bring it along, if you are a professional photographer consider taking a break from capturing thru the lens and take it all in with your eyes wide open!

  9. Your favorite travel mug and water bottle (a hot or cold container would be best) Why?

    • We want to make sure everyone stays hydrated thru-out the day, and while we will provide plenty of fresh spring water we want to avoid the production of a bazillion plastic water bottles to dispose of.
    • We will have a few Self-Serve Coffee and Tea Stations available thru-out the retreat and we want to cut back on waste here also. (There is a sink and dishwasher available in the center)
  10. Kindness, and pack some extra for your sisters!

*Pack light & compact but try to also double check this list (as we may update it) so you have everything you need for a stress free weekend!