About HGLR Retreat


This woman’s retreat is all about giving you a safe and Restorative Escape out of the ‘Grind’ and into  total Physical, Emotional, & Mental GROWTH & RENEWAL.

We have brought together two Leading (and loving) Life & Wellness Experts that will revive the hearts, minds, and bodies of everyone in attendance–and YOU want to be one of those lucky ladies…

What should you expect?

We have planned a weekend program that is perfectly balanced between fun, rest, and enlightenment.

It will be 3 days of Great Content, Beautiful Scenery, Supportive Sisterhood Building Experiences, Refreshing Conversations, Fun, Treats, Guided Meditation, Nature Immersions & Hiking, Yoga, Self-Improvement Inner Werk’shops, “Ah-ha” Moments, probably some tears of both laughter and release, and last but not least PEACE, and time to be still with YOURSELF.

At the bottom you will find the tentative agenda with lots more detail of what will be going on but first read this next part.

This will be the 3rd #HGLR retreat and the first two were a hit! But this year we are taking it too another level of awesome that you can only truly understand when you hear what attendees from last year had to say about their experience…

“…I can’t get over how AMAZING this weekend was! I wasn’t in Richmond longer then 48hours but the experience was worth a lifetime of knowledge!! I got to take away new tools, reflections, and wisdom from so many POWERFUL WOMEN!!! Thank you again @hglr_retreat !!! I finally feel “grounded”!”

~Angela Scarfia

“It…Was…Life Changing….and I usually don’t say stuff like that…”

~DeAngela Anthony

“It was freaking awesome, the energy, the vibe, the information, the women that attended, the sun, the yoga, it all felt like it was divinely orchestrated, everything, it was all awesome…”

~Angela Elizabeth (of Goddess Body)

“I didn’t want to leave, it was exactly what I needed…”

~Laura Mela

Please, please, please, don’t become one of the many women that sent us emails AFTER our last retreat, regretful and asking when our next retreat will be.

Make the intention to come and make it happen!!



MeadowKirk Premier Retreat Center

38012 Delta Farm Lane, Middleburg, Virginia 20117

Outside of the DC area

For more details on accommodations Click here!


  1. Introduce new methods of feeling, balanced, empowered, CLEAR, happy and well for women wherever they are in life.
  2. Promote a sense of sisterhood and unity amongst like-minded women by focusing on our shared interests, struggles, and collective wisdom about Love, Life, Success & Happiness in a relaxed, fun environment.
  3. Provide a program for participants to unpack their “how’s and the why’s” with clarity and actionable steps they can activate right away for a better life experience.

Retreat Agenda

October 4-6, 2019

Friday- 2:30 pm Arrival Meet & Greet / Settle in.
             3:30 pm InnerWerk’shop Session #1
             5:30 pm Dinner
             8:30 pm Star Gazing with Astronomers (Weather permitting)
            7:30 am Early Riser Meditation/Affirmation Practice
            8:30 am Breakfast
           10 am InnerWerk’Shop Session #2
           12:30 Lunch
           2:00 pm Hike & Yoga Expedition/ or FREE TIME
          4:30 pm Sister Circle
          5:30 pm Dinner
          8:00 pm Signature Chic #HGLR PJ Party
       8:30 am Breakfast
      10:30 am InnerWerk’shop Session #3
      12:30 pm Lunch
      1:30 pm #HGLR Farewell, Hugs, Pics, Savoring the moment
      3:00 pm Departure

Confirmed Presenters:


More Special Guests Announced Soon…

ALL-INCLUSIVE Registration Fee: 

Limited Time Special Rates

  • Bed & Breakfast Style Accommodations, [Double Occupancy] ALL MEALS, ACTIVITIES, GOODIES, PROGRAMS—-$655
  • Bed & Breakfast Style Accommodations, [Single Occupancy] ALL MEALS, ACTIVITIES, GOODIES, PROGRAMS—-$755

Standard Rates

  • Bed & Breakfast Style Accommodations, ALL MEALS, ACTIVITIES, GOODIES, PROGRAMS—-[Double Occupancy $699] and [Single  Occupancy $799]

Register NOW with a $200 Deposit and secure your space, and your Special Rate*.

THERE IS VERY LIMITED availability to this Exclusive Retreat…BOOK NOW!

*All Sales and deposits are final. Must be paid in full by 8/30/19*.